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Legal junk

When you use my stuff:

:bulletblue: Please link back to the original, or provide the web address if you are posting to a site that does not allow linking.

:bulletblue: Please respect my characters, stories, research, and anything else you find here, and do not claim them as your own.

When you make art for me:

:bulletblue: If I use it publicly, you will be credited and probably linked to. If I use it privately--as a reference for someone else to draw from, for example--you may not be credited... but the next artist I'm commissioning could probably care less about who drew the refs, and if they do care, they'll ask me.

:bulletblue: If I want to post it somewhere where it might be misunderstood as my own work, I will talk to you about it first and get explicit permission.

:bulletblue: If I want to proportionally re-size it or turn it into a thumbnail (that links back to the full-sized image), I will not ask you. If I want to crop it or add text, I will ask you first, because I can never remember who has what rules about their art.

:bulletblue: I consider it a crime to stretch an image out of proportion, and I will never do that.

If you have any questions, feel free to Note/IM/PM/MM/email me.


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See the fedora. Love the fedora.
But if you steal the fedora,
I will hunt you down with a shotgun and boil your liver.
You are welcome to believe anything you want regarding my gender, sex, orientation, species, etc., etc., so long as you do not assume that any of your guesses are correct.

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I have been commissioning artists for longer than I've been on deviantart.  In 2009, I wrote a news article called How to Commission an Artist,  and I do my best to remember all the experience that went into writing that and to follow my own advice.  That said, my life became very difficult after I left the military, and I have barely commissioned anyone in the past several years.  My skills are rusty.  Please forgive me as I relearn how to commission in 2014 and 2015.

Information I'm looking for:
1. What are your prices?
2. Do you use PayPal, or some other method of payment?
3. Do you want to be paid all upfront, all when the art is finished, or half and half?
4. Who has commissioned you in the past, and who is commissioning you now?
5. How long do you usually take to complete commissioned art?
6. Do you prefer to have a deadline?
7. Do you provide WIPs? (And if so, do you expect corrections/feedback, or is it just as a courtesy?)
8. What do you refuse to draw?  What ALL do you refuse to draw, if you have only posted a partial list?
9. What do you prefer to draw, if anything?
10. Is there anything you would like to draw or experiment with, but have not found the time or an excuse to?
11. Do you stick to a character/object's design, or do you require 'artistic license'?
(I understand that a certain amount is inevitable. I'm asking if you try to stick to the design, or if you deliberately change details like clothing, hair style, age, etc. to make the character easier or more interesting to draw.  I hire both kinds of artist.)

Quality I'm looking for:
1. Consistency
2. Ability to draw commissions at nearly the same skill level as personal art
3. Consistent skill level (or no regression) over past 3-4 months
4. Consistent production of new art over past 6 months
5. Consistent style over past 12 months
6. Skill level better than mine (or equal but with color)

1. If I contact YOU, and your prices are publicly posted, I already agree to your prices and method of payment.
2. If you contact ME, and I do not know you, I will pay after the art is finished, not before.
3. Once we agree to the price, I save that money for you and do not spend it on something else, even if the art is not done for months.
4. I prefer using PayPal, but can pay another way if PayPal is not available in your country or if you are underage.
5. I tip.

I understand that life can be very busy, and I understand that even when life is not busy, there are reasons to not read a Note or email immediately or to not reply immediately.  In fact, I rarely contact an artist while they are drawing for me.  I am VERY patient (just ask pixelinkdust).  However, I do expect the art to be done eventually! I welcome updates, WIPs (even if you want no feedback), and being told about delays, so that I know I'm not forgotten and that (in the worst cases) an artist didn't just take my money and run.  If I have not heard from you in a while, I check your journal and activity first, then contact you if I still find no explanation.  Please don't be offended or stress out if you hear from me-- I'm not trying to pester you, I just understand that keeping up with commissions can be difficult and want to know what's going on.  If there's a problem, I might even be able to help.

Unless you are like saintpepsi, who prefers deadlines and wants me to pester him. Then you get pestered. :D


Artists commissioned in the past:
ArienSmith/Sydney-Smith/Akismith (Pious)
Adrianairda  (Rahn headshot)
Ammotu  (Pious+Unhae+Ookami portrait)
anikakinka (Acel, Mimi)
Chizome-Akushin (Zindy)
Claparo-Sans (Fate sketch)
dakki-dono  (DC's fursona, Zart Castle Valley)
DarkVanessaLusT/DarkVanessa --drew 5/6 commissions that I intended as Xmas gifts for friends... see below
doubleleaf (Mizkris with Ezio of Assassin's Creed 2)
DracheaRannak (Twygal, Pilots Pull and Tug)
DrStein  (Cloud vs. a DnD Beholder, Famla Flamestalker)
Eviemira (A.C. the spy with Unhae, Kidd, and baby Rafey; Rogue with neo A.C.; Fwori with Anc)
Exileden/PearlEden (headsketches: Lorraine, 6 dragons)
Felolira/just-a-creep (concept chibi Mizkris)
h0n3yd011/GloomyNekoChan (sketchy of Jenna)
Hellobaby (White Lady, Black Lady, Gray Lady, Iron Lady, Silver Lady)
hizuki24 (Gil Ala)
johnbecaro (Arch with Ruby)
liiga (Pious)
metalheadkomik (Paladin Cass)
Nadiaenis/Minosch/NaRai (concept fullbodies of Lori Cur and Mysteria)
Neko-Vi (Rahn's outfit)
Ninjatic (Hawqiing)
Nith47 (only half-commissioned, for Link Masters, but aborted mid-way through after multiple "corrections" because it turned out my brother didn't have a complete idea of his own character)
Pirate-Cashoo --fullbody w/bg of Cassandra, Lorraine, and Corellia.. see below
pixelinkdust/IridescentInkSpell/Inkdust/o-raichu-o (Pious, Acelr, and A.C. the spy together; freebie of Lorraine; the Butterfly, Cassandra, the Seven Princesses)
Punky-Pinky (Rahn fullbody, Rahn halfbody)
Prima-Donna (Crown Prince Nicolaih w/hound)
Rebeccannoying (Coronet with Surratasu and Emiga)
Rensing (Wanderer Ala lineart and color)
rhiou/Princu (Corellia)
Rimfrost (two comics)
Rusinstein/Skyzen/Bedshaped_hero (Corellia as a very young farmwife, Pilot Tug, Manny bust)
saintpepsi (Techie/Cross, Jynx, Rasfta, Rogue, Sarah Gray, Contact, Rockstar Jane, Kidd, Lori, Unhae, partial commercial commission)
sakimichan (possessed and more adult Rasfta,  Xeen as a submissive)
Sephiramy (Terrorist)
shilin (lonesome Unhae)
shonemitsu  (A.C. the spy)
shuangwen (Cassandra-Kide)
SourAcid --(Rahn headshot)
StriderDen (Famla, Blitz, Cross/Cross/Techie lineart)
thegryph (concept headshot of the Baroness)
torikat (headshots of Rasfta, Cookie, and Rogue)
tsuaii/Gravija-Sunrise (Rachel Grayson)
vaniamarita/Whizky (Queen of Hearts Gaia avatar)
vaoni (fantasy Cross sketch, Corellia the pirate, Acelr headshot)
VSConcepts --journal CSS with Anikakinka's art in it... see below
xSassyLassyx/iZuu --first I ever commissioned (mix of the Baroness and Acelr)
zwxART (Fiddler waistup)

Artists/groups I will not work with again:

Artists I have projects for:
DracheaRannak (Pilot Scout project) --lacking refs
Hellobaby (Demi-Goddesses project) --money reserved, waiting for commissions to reopen
Nadiaenis (EYE project) --money reserved, preparing refs and descriptions, for whenever she has desire and time. :heart:
thegryph (Baroness-byArynChris project) --lacking money

Artists I support through Patreon:
:iconsephiramy: creator of the webcomic 

Artists I am currently commissioning:
acidlullaby --$150 PAID 3MARCH2010 for painting of The Fiddler... see above
Antleraptor --12mo premium PAID for brass Ho3 cuff bracelet
fpbarros --$520+tip unpaid for 47+1 illustrations (to be paid upon completion, 1Mar2015 or 8Mar2015 if extended)
yueokinawa --$50 PAID for Pull w/bg, Tug w/bg

Artists I am currently contacting about commissions:
8AmyEmo8 --contact made; money reserved, working on the lineart for her to color

If you should be on these lists and I forgot you, please contact me. Especially if I owe you money or you'd like me to commission you again.
5Aug14: "Information" and "Communication" sections updated based on some of the discussion about this.  The commission lists are updated whenever something changes, but those are minor; watchers will only be notified of an update to the top section.


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