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Legal junk

When you use my stuff:

:bulletblue: Please link back to the original, or provide the web address if you are posting to a site that does not allow linking.

:bulletblue: Please respect my characters, stories, research, and anything else you find here, and do not claim them as your own.

When you make art for me:

:bulletblue: If I use it publicly, you will be credited and probably linked to. If I use it privately--as a reference for someone else to draw from, for example--you may not be credited... but the next artist I'm commissioning could probably care less about who drew the refs, and if they do care, they'll ask me.

:bulletblue: If I want to post it somewhere where it might be misunderstood as my own work, I will talk to you about it first and get explicit permission.

:bulletblue: If I want to proportionally re-size it or turn it into a thumbnail (that links back to the full-sized image), I will not ask you. If I want to crop it or add text, I will ask you first, because I can never remember who has what rules about their art.

:bulletblue: I consider it a crime to stretch an image out of proportion, and I will never do that.

If you have any questions, feel free to Note/IM/PM/MM/email me.

Contests, commissioning, and upcoming events!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 28, 2015, 6:26 PM
I'm a Commissioner | How to Commission an Artist
Baroness-Widow (project on hold) | Website (forthcoming)

Clothing design contest!
Some years ago, I hosted a design contest for blue dresses.
As before, the entries will be judged based on design, not presentation-- as long as it's colored and the design is easy to see, it doesn't matter whether you are a pro artist or a beginner, or what your medium is.  Everyone who participated in the previous contest will be invited back, and I may send out random invitations to people I know; this will also be posted in my journal (for watchers and visitors to see), in the forums, and I will once again ask Hellobaby to help advertise.
:bulletred: I'm tentatively thinking the new contest should be for red/pink dresses. :bulletred:

New commissions coming soon!
Impressed by my commission list?  Want money?  Note me!
As a few people know, and others may have guessed, I am waiting for some of my existing art to get done before commissioning new people.  This is absolutely because that huge, huge commission with fpbarros is taking up a lot of my focus.  I can barely keep up with my Patreon rewards from the ever-awesome Sephiramy, so I'd be a fool to take on more!  However, I'm compiling a list of people I intend to offer commissions to soon, which can be seen at the bottom of my "I am a commissioner" journal.
:bulletgreen: If you want me to commission you before November 2015, send me a Note. :bulletgreen:

Public reviews of artists!
Starting in May, I will be posting monthly reviews of artists I've commissioned.
I've often refused to do this in the past, because I felt unqualified to judge how my commissioning went and worried about damaging artists' reputations... or getting hatemail from their fans.  Guys, hatemail is bad.  Please do not engage in hatemail or in public shaming.  But after a long consultation with Bishonenrancher (Lucy's Corsetry) and going through her website and YouTube videos, I realized that there's a good reason people ask me about specific artists and who I recommend:  my experience is a valuable resource!  Reviews don't have to be arbitrary, opinionated things-- they can be as professional and useful as the art itself.
:bulletblue: The monthly reviews will be called The Commissioner's Report; the May review will discuss fpbarros, Sephiramy, and anyone else who completes art for me in April. :bulletblue:

:bulletblack: I'm tentatively thinking The Commissioner's Report should include a Blast From the Past!-- reviews of OLD commissions. :bulletblack:
Yes/no?  If there is an artist you want to hear about, or if you think I should NOT do this, please comment!

Art by ArynChris, Skin by ArynChris


See the fedora. Love the fedora.
But if you steal the fedora,
I will hunt you down with a shotgun and boil your liver.
You are welcome to believe anything you want regarding my gender, sex, orientation, species, etc., etc., so long as you do not assume that any of your guesses are correct.

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