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Legal junk

When you use my stuff:

:bulletblue: Please link back to the original, or provide the web address if you are posting to a site that does not allow linking.

:bulletblue: Please respect my characters, stories, research, and anything else you find here, and do not claim them as your own.

When you make art for me:

:bulletblue: If I use it publicly, you will be credited and probably linked to. If I use it privately--as a reference for someone else to draw from, for example--you may not be credited... but the next artist I'm commissioning could probably care less about who drew the refs, and if they do care, they'll ask me.

:bulletblue: If I want to post it somewhere where it might be misunderstood as my own work, I will talk to you about it first and get explicit permission.

:bulletblue: If I want to proportionally re-size it or turn it into a thumbnail (that links back to the full-sized image), I will not ask you. If I want to crop it or add text, I will ask you first, because I can never remember who has what rules about their art.

:bulletblue: I consider it a crime to stretch an image out of proportion, and I will never do that.

If you have any questions, feel free to Note/IM/PM/MM/email me.

Red/Pink Dress Design Contest! (UPDATE)

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2015, 3:27 PM
I'm a Commissioner | How to Commission an Artist
Baroness-Widow (project on hold) | Website (forthcoming)

UPDATE:  I've been reading articles advising artists to submit their contest entries on the last day, even if they are done before then.  Please don't do this.  I heavily favor entries that are posted in advance, because I have more time to compare it to other entries and think about how I could use the design.  You can still win if you submit yours on the last day, but waiting until the end actively hurts your chances of winning.

Design Rules:

:bulletred:  It must be a dress (a top connected to a skirt).
:bulletpink:  The main color must be red, pink, or red-and-pink.
:bulletred:  You must use a visual medium (no music, no written description; we must be able to see the design).
:bulletpink:  Any accent colors, accessories, and fashion style is up to you!

Contest Rules:

:bulletred:  All entries must be posted on dA before 11:59pm EST August 9, 2015.
:bulletpink:  All entries must be linked in a Note to me or a comment in this journal before 11:59pm EST August 10, 2015.
:bulletred:  By entering this contest, you give me all usage rights to your dress design (except to show as a sample of your own work).  In other words, if you are one of the winners and I use your dress design for one or more of my own original characters, you cannot then demand royalties for the use of the design.  As I only intend to use the winning designs, all non-winners will get those rights returned to them at the end of the contest.
:bulletpink:  You can enter as many designs as you like, but you can only win one prize.
:bulletred:  All entries must be your OWN original work.  Any accusations of fraud will be investigated.  Likewise, if you use stock photos or brushes, or if you design but someone else presents it (by creating a CG image from your crayon sketch or a real dress from your design), give full credit.


1 Grand Prize!
:bulletred:  12 month subscription to dA (or equivalent points)
:bulletpink:  Feature of your dA gallery and winning design in my journal
:bulletred:  Your choice of any poster or print available on dA
:bulletpink:  Complete weapon/object/character design or poem/short story by me
:bulletred:  One commission by an artist of your choice (up to $50), paid for by me

1 First Prize!
:bulletred:  6 month subscription to dA (or equivalent points)
:bulletpink:  Feature of your dA gallery and winning design in my journal
:bulletred:  Your choice of any poster or print available on dA

3 Second Prizes!
:bulletred:  3 month subscription to dA (or equivalent points)
:bulletpink:  Feature of winning design in my journal

9 Third Prizes!
:bulletred:  1 month subscription to dA (or equivalent points)
:bulletpink:  Feature of winning design in my journal

Super Special Awesome Prize!
This prize is only given if a design not only wins one of the normal prizes, but stands out as unusual and fascinating.  The prize depends on who (if anyone) wins it.

Entries So Far:

Mature Content

Red Dress Sm by EulaliaDanae
 Pink design by Silverheart-Nine Red Design by Silverheart-Nine

Art by ArynChris, Skin by ArynChris


See the fedora. Love the fedora.
But if you steal the fedora,
I will hunt you down with a shotgun and boil your liver.
You are welcome to believe anything you want regarding my gender, sex, orientation, species, etc., etc., so long as you do not assume that any of your guesses are correct.

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